Facing a domestic violence charge can be really upsetting when you know you haven’t done anything wrong in that regard. The situation becomes even more gross when you are in the middle of a divorce. When you find yourself in such a situation, you not only want to prove yourself innocent but also wish to show your spouse’s malicious actions and plots.

False accusations of domestic violence are quite common in divorce. Some people think making these claims will help them get what they really want out of the divorce and even prevent the other parent from having contact with the children, thus providing more power to the accuser in the situation.

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It is essential that you take such accusations quite seriously and never ignore them. You also need to do what you can to never give your spouse anything which they can use against you to make such false claims. You also need to be careful not to do something that your spouse could twist or mold as a threat of harm. Something as simple as blocking a doorway could land you in trouble, hence you must pay complete attention.

If you face a false allegation, then you need to fight it legally right away without any delays which may create further complexities. Having these charges hanging over you can reduce the chances to see your children in future and get a fair settlement in the divorce process. Additionally, it only encourages your ex to keep circulating false information.

A domestic violence accusation is always nerve wrecking during a divorce. While it is never ideal or easy to face such charges in divorce, it can always add much more to your problems. So be careful if you feel this is something your spouse might try against you in future, so it is better to take proactive measures on time or take legal advice from a reputed law firm like us.